Images of the Past - Dunedin, New Zealand

About  Us

Images of the Past are a Dunedin group of ladies who enjoy making and wearing Historical Costumes

We began in Dunedin about 2004 and have about 16 members. 

Although we are not limited to any particular era, as Dunedin was founded in Queen Victoria’s reign, we focus our costuming on the Victorian era, but we’re also keen on portraying Edwardian, and have been known to dabble in Regency.

We wear our outfits whenever possible and at every available opportunity.

We also take part in Victorian/Edwardian fashion shows for many different groups, and while we do not charge we do accept donations and all fund raised go to buying book vouchers for the children's ward at the Dunedin Public Hospita.

We are always happy to be contacted by people who are interested in joining us or inviting us to attend events.